The Legal Status of a Child in Canada

AuthorMaureen McTeer
[  ]
– chapter ten –
The Legal Status of a Child
in Canada
e provinces and territories are responsible for the welfare and protec-
tion of the children within their borders. e legislation dening who is
a child in each province and territory is summarized in this chapter.
 : Family Law Act, SBC , c , s 
“child”, except in Parts  [Parentage] and  [Child and Spousal Support]
and section  [regulations respecting child support], means a person
who is under  years of age;
 () In this Part:
assisted reproduction”means a method of conceiving a child other
than by sexual intercourse;
“birth mother”means the person who gives birth to, or is delivered of,
a child, regardless of whether her human reproductive material was
used in the child’s conception;

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