The Necessary New Study: Political Law

AuthorGregory Tardi
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The Necessary New Study:
Political Law
The Def‌inition of Political Law
e need for the best possible understanding of government and
governance is not fulf‌illed, or at least not adequately, by the existing
studies of the conduct of D/democratic public aairs. e trad-
itional branches of public law, political science, and public admin-
istration each deal with their particular perspectives on government
and the workings of governing. However, none of them deals with
all of the various types of instruments of governance, with their
mutual relationships, and with all these considerations within the
context of D/democracy and the rule of law. is realization must
inevitably lead observers of the conduct of public aairs to conclude
that, while existing forms of study of government and governance
are helpful, each of them, taken separately, is insucient. A new
study is necessary to understand the structure and processes of the
modern, D/democratic state more accurately.
In the early years of the Canadian Confederation, the primary
focus of public law, that is in constitutional law, was on federalism.
e attention paid to the traditional standards of democracy and
the rule of law was more occasional. Starting in the s, the use
and impact of the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms achieved

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