The Trial Judge

AuthorJohn Hollander
the trial judge
the trial judge
chapter three
The Trial Judge
   handbook about courtroom examinations, and
as such, it must deal with one of the essential partici-
pants — the trial judge. is handbook discusses several
issues that confront the trial lawyer, many of which are
simple, commonsense. However, advocates often do not
consider how the judge perceives the drama unfolding
in the courtroom. One of the essential themes of all the
handbooks in this series is that the lawyer must consider
the other people in the room. Seen from the perspective
of these other participants, the case is entirely dierent.
For a trial lawyer conducting an examination, there
are always two other people who are critically important
to success: the witness and the trial judge. In most cases,
there is also a third person who matters, opposing coun-
sel. And often, there are other people who matter, such as
clients and opposing parties. is chapter deals with the
plight of the overworked, underappreciated trial judge.
Consider the mandate of the judge. Really, there are
Do justice to the case being heard.
Protect the witness and maintain order in the court.
Finish the case to make room for the next one.

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