The Uses and Benefits of Political Law

AuthorGregory Tardi
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The Uses and Benefits of Political Law
Comparison of Political Legal Systems
A number of private sector entities conduct yearly analyses of the
degree of Democracy in countries throughout the world, and chart
its advance or decline. Several intergovernmental organizations also
rate states according to their own appreciations of Democracy. In
line with the understanding of Democracy put forward here, each
of these studies takes a number of dierent governmental, insti-
tutional, and societal factors into consideration. Separately, organ-
izations more closely focused on electoral matters conduct timely
surveys based on the criteria described here relating to democracy.
Perusal of all of this documentation reveals that these organizations
base their analyses on the understanding that D/democracy and
its core component, the rule of law, are benef‌icial both to the state
involved and to its society.
e study of political law is focused exclusively on the extent,
degree, and quality of D/democracy, and on the rule of law in states
that live by this value. It does not extend to any of the other cri-
teria of analysis used by the aforementioned organizations. Even
with such a limited f‌ield, it is not only possible but also practical
to compare states based on their political legal systems alone. is

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