There goes the neighbourhood.

AuthorMitchell, Teresa
PositionDrug-trafficking convictions - Canada

Philip Kaminsky was convicted of a number of drug offences. After the trial judge found him guilty, she began to consider sentencing. She made a number of comments about the effect of drug trafficking on her personally, stating, "... I don't want to sentence him today because I'm upset. That's probably not a good idea to sentence him. I should be a lot calmer than I am, because I've talked myself into being upset ... Nobody wants to come down and have lunch. I've lost all my friends. So here's the situation. I will not visit upon your client all of the sins of the drug traffickers in this city. He will be sentenced under s. 718 when the Court is calm." Mr. Kaminsky appealed his conviction, arguing that the judge was biased.

The Alberta Court of Appeal ruled that even though the Judge's comments were made...

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