Thesis Survey--Recension des theses.

  1. Doctoral Theses / Theses de doctorat

    Ada Tchoukou, Julie Ynes. Legal Development and the Democratization of Human Rights in Post-modern Africa: A Case for the Legal Regulation of Cultural Violence against Girls, University of Ottawa.

    Aikenhead, Moira. Canada's Criminal Justice Response to Technology-Facilitated Intimate Partner Violence, University of British Columbia.

    Assande, Mathias Adomon. L'impact de la norme portant interdiction du harcelement psychologique ou moral au travail sur les droits de direction de l'employeur. Une etude de droit compare : Quebec, France, Belgique, Universite de Montreal.

    Bahmany, Leyla. Double Compensation in Investment Arbitration: Toward a Principled Treatment of Double Recovery, McGill University.

    Belanger, Pierre Gilles. La procedure abregee dans le contexte de la reforme juridique chilienne, Universite d'Ottawa.

    Berthold, Gabriel-Arnaud. Le consommateur quebecois : etude de l'emergence d'une figure juridique, Universite McGill.

    Bizintwari, Patrick. Le droit a un proces equitable devant les juridictions militaires au Burundi, Universite du Quebec a Montreal.

    Borjian, Ali. La fonction reformatrice du droit compare : essai de conceptualisation a la lumiere du droit civil iranien, Universite de Montreal.

    Boukossa, Yasmina. La protection internationale des attentes raisonnables de l'investisseur : un construit arbitral, Universite du Quebec a Montreal.

    Chipeur, Stephanie. Inaccessibility and the Law of the Built Environment: Understanding People with Disabilities as Members of the Public, McGill University.

    Chowdhury, Rokeya. From "Secular" to "Islamo-Secular" Bangladesh: Mapping the Constitutional Trajectories through Law, Religion, and Performing Arts, McGill University.

    Clover Alcolea, Lucas. The Arbitration of Internal Trust Disputes in English Law: Legal Challenges and Pathways, McGill University.

    Cohaz, Alper. A Critical Approach to the Regulation of a Public Corporation's Purchase of its own Shares on the Open Market: Lessons from the Transatlantic Comparison, Osgoode Hall Law School.

    Daniel, Charles-Etienne. Les robots et l'Empire du droit. Forces et limites de la gouvernance par le droit pour l'encadrement normatif du developpement de la robotique interactive, Universite de Sherbrooke.

    Dzah, Godwin. Sustainable Development: Africa's Hidden and Not-So-Hidden Contribution to its Law, Politics, and History, University of British Columbia.

    Eyitayo, Oladiwura. Fostering Implementation of the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals in Africa: Prospects of Revenue Generation under the Tax Treaties Signed by Nigeria, Tanzania, and Botswana, Dalhousie University.

    Gilbert Tremblay, Ugo. La responsabilite criminelle a-t-elle un avenir? : enquete sur les fondements philosophiques, juridiques et psychologiques de l'imputabilite penale a l'ere des neurosciences, Universite de Montreal.

    Houston, Adam Rainis. Neglecting the Essentials: Addressing Barriers to Accessing Off-Patent Essential Medicines for Neglected Diseases in Canada, University of Ottawa.

    Huber, Jeanne. La protection de l'information economique en droit franco-canadien. Droit a la confidentialite et droit d'acces a l'information pour le public : le cas des lanceurs d'alerte, Universite de Sherbrooke.

    Iavarone-Turcotte, Anne. Le choix : un paradigme, ses problemes et des solutions pour penser le multiculturalisme et les femmes, Universite McGill.

    Idigbe, Anthony. The Norm Life Cycle Theory and the Role of INSOL International in Shaping the UNCITRAL Model Law on Cross-Border Insolvency, Osgoode Hall Law School.

    Koenig, Sarah. L'effectivite de la repression des infractions sexuelles en France et au Canada, Universite de Sherbrooke.

    Labadie, Camille. Dommages culturels : pour une approche restaurative de la justice et de la reparation, Universite du Quebec a Montreal.

    Monforte, Tanya. Theory of Civil Death: Legal Status and Security under Neoliberalism, McGill University.

    Nickason, Millicent. Nation-Building in 21st Centry Canada: The Role of Legitimacy in the Transformation of Crown-First Nations Relations, University of British Columbia.

    Nussbaum, Sarah. Judicial Depictions of Responsibility and Risk: The Erasure of State Accountability in Canadian Sentencing Judgments Involving Indigenous People, Osgoode Hall Law School.

    O'Bonsawin, Michelle. A Principled Approach: The Mandatory Application of the Gladue Principles at Review Board Hearings, University of Ottawa.

    Ogunranti, Akinwumi. Voices from Below--Africa's Contribution to the Development of the Norm of Corporate Responsibility to Respect Human Rights, Dalhousie University.

    Okanga, Ogbu Okanga. Disabusing the Tax Aid Narrative: What Inter-national Tax Equity Really Means for "Poor" Countries and How to (Re)Frame It, Dalhousie University.

    Ozawa Ozai, Ivan. Allocating Rights between Nations: Legitimacy and Justice in International Tax Policy, McGill University.

    Ponomarenko, Iryna. Towards a Theory of Deference in Canadian Proportionality Jurisprudence, University of British Columbia.

    Reddekopp, George Neil. First Among Equals: The Honour of the Crown, Aboriginal Title, and Fiduciary Duty in Aboriginal Law, University of Alberta.

    Remington, Eli. Making Sense of "Insanity": A Genealogy of Canada's Not Criminally Responsible Subject, Carleton University.

    Senthe, Shanthi. Decoding Financial Inclusion in a Post-War Jurisdiction Sri Lanka: A Case Study, Osgoode Hall Law School.

    Shen, Qian. Parallel Proceedings in China, Korea and Japan: A Comparative Analysis of the Development of General International Jurisdiction Rules, Universite de Montreal.

    Singh Aulakh, Preetmohinder. British Empire, Land Tenure and the Search for an Ideal Proprietor: 1868-1875, Osgoode Hall Law School.

    Sun Troya, Stephany. L'effectivite juridique du droit a la liberte de manifestation : etude de droit compare France, Canada, Espagne, Universite du Quebec a Montreal.

    Therrien, Cristiano S. Law in the Present Future: Approaching the Legal Imaginary of Smart Cities with Science (and) Fiction, Universite de Montreal.

    Thomasen, Kristen. Private Law & Public Space: The Canadian Privacy Torts in an Era of Personal Remote-Surveillance Technology, University of Ottawa.

    Totten, Tyler. Reece's Pieces: The Limits of Law and the Life Sentences of Lucy the Elephant, Carleton University.

    Wang, Chen. Highly Skilled Chinese Immigrant Women's Labour Market Marginalization in Canada: An Institutional Ethnography of Discursiverly Constructed Barriers, University of Ottawa.

    Wells, Herbert. The Caribbean Court of Justice and International Human Rights Laws and Norms: Universalism, Cultural Relativism and Transformation, University of Ottawa.

    Wright, Lisa. Disrupting and Maintaining Prohibition: Institutional and Grassroots Harm Reduction Practices in Ottawa, Carleton University.

    Yan, Yueming. Improving International Investment Law's Treatment of (Anti-Corruption: Towards a More Balanced Approach, McGill University.

    Young, Paula. Etuaptmumk: Considering Indigenous Economic Development, University of Ottawa.

    Yu, Chen. Legalization through Adjudication: The Case of Investor-State Dispute Settlement, McGill University.

    Zarzeczny, Amy. Regulation and Governance of Access to Unproven Medical Interventions in Canada: A Case Study Analysis, University of Saskatchewan.

    Zhang, Chenyang. The Research for International Response to the Loss and Damage Caused by...

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