Time to stop running.


A couple of years ago, an unexpected event gave me the opportunity to look at a specific area of my life: my sexuality and the choices I had made as a young woman. After the initial event subsided, I was able to recognize it as an opportunity because it was painful. A little too painful. The event had triggered me. According to the dictionary, a trigger is an act or event that serves as a stimulus and initiates or precipitates a reaction, or series of reactions.

When we are triggered we do not respond, we react.

The Lord had provided me with a warning sign that there was an area of my life that I was running from. I was unable to effectively deal with the current event as it unfolded because no matter how hard I tried to be present, I couldn't be. I had been triggered.

Is this what is happening in the church as we explore this ultra-sensitive, traditionally unspoken area called sexuality? Are we engaging out of unexplored, perhaps unconfessed, brokenness that is driving us to reaction?

It strikes me that all the education, discussion, debate, or reading we do on any subject will be...

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