Understanding Canada Treaty Series Citations

AuthorMark Freeman, Gibran Van Ert
The Treaty Section of the Department of Foreign Affairs and Interna-
tional Trade is responsible for the publication of the Canada Treaty
Series (CanTS). Most treaties currently in force for Canada, dating back
to 1928, are published in the CanTS. The CanTS has recently estab-
lished a website1which includes a partial list of treaties in force for
Canada. Other CanTS references may be found in Treaty Action Taken
by Canada,” a section within the Canadian Yearbook of International
Throughout this book, we use CanTS citations in preference to all
others. The advantage of this practice is that the reader knows, upon
seeing the CanTS citation, that Canada has become a party to this treaty.
The style we use is as follows:
Convention on the Rights of the Child 1989 [1992] CanTS no. 3
The portion before the CanTS citation is the treaty’s name and the year
in which it was opened for signature. The figure in square brackets is
the annual volume of the CanTS in which the treaty was published.
Canada’s usual practice is to publish the treaty in the CanTS in the
same year as it came into force for Canada. Thus, if the treaty came into
force upon signature, Canada will usually publish it in the CanTS that
year. If the treaty was already in force when Canada acceded to it,
Canada Treaty Series
Appendix 2
1 See http://www.treaty-accord.gc.ca.

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