Unique digs for furniture store: locally owned and designed box store up and running in Sudbury.

Author:Myers, Ella


Sudbury's newest furniture store is as unique as the furniture it houses, and its creators say it's changing the game for big box stores.

Diggs & Dwellings set up shop in June and specializes in high-end and Canadian-sourced furniture. Their modernistinspired space was designed by the owners and Tim James of Castellan James + Partners Inc. (recendy rebranded as 3rd Line Studios).

James met one of the owners, Jen Reich, when he did work on her house several years ago and they clicked creatively. For Diggs & Dwellings, James worked closely with Reich and her business partner, Ian Worthington, to create a brand that stands out along the Kingsway, in a rapidly growing shopping district in the city.

"They've taken on the project and been involved in key decisions. Their aspirations for making it high-quality and a highly designed building have pushed it in a way that has provided this more unique kind of box store," said James.

Reich has always been interested in design, and Worthington was involved with Furniture World before its closure. Reich and her husband heard Norm Bouffard was selling property along the Kingsway, and they purchased a little over three acres. Their neighbours include Bouffard's Skater's Edge, a dance supply store, a baby store, a Pita Pit and a Microtek.

"We had an opportunity to fill a market that was needed in the North for quality furniture, with more styles. It was a great chance to be a landlord and a tenant at the same time," said Reich. "The location was fantastic, it's right in the heart of shopping, so it's really more of a destination."

The owners and James dedicated themselves to turning Diggs & Dwellings into an "experience," not just another store, one that starts before you even get in the store.

The 23,000-square-foot building is perched on top of a hill, looking down on the Kingsway. Large windows dominate with simple black trim adorning the structure. Outdoor speakers, 15-foot sidewalks and landscaping welcome visitors.

The furniture is clearly visible from outside, and inside,...

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