Updated preface to the first edition

AuthorGeorge Takach
ProfessionAdjunct Professor
updated PREFACE
to the First Edition
The computer was the defining technological device of the last quarter
of the twentieth century. Encircling the globe with high-capacity com-
puter networks, the Internet included, will be the major technological
feat of the first quarter of the twenty-first century. These computer and
communications developments have made information the critical
asset of our time, surpassing in importance the traditional assets of
land and physical goods. Such technological, economic, and social
trends have brought into focus the importance of computer law. There-
fore, after practising it for more than fifteen years at McCarthy Tétrault,
Canada’s pre-eminent law firm for technology law, and teaching it as an
adjunct professor in Computer Law at Osgoode Hall Law School, York
University, for more than a dozen years, it gives me great pleasure to
discuss the principal features of computer law and to canvass its pri-
mary controversies and challenges. As part of the Essentials of Canadi-
an Law series, this book does not purport to be comprehensive, but it
does throw its light widely, illuminating the peaks and even some of the
valleys of computer law.
The Theory and Practice of Computer Law
Although some readers may question whether computer law should be
considered a separate jurisdiction on the legal map, I believe that well
before reaching the final chapter, they will agree with me that there is
indeed a discernible legal subdiscipline worthy of this title. This cannot
be surprising given the enormous impact of the computer and informa-
tion industries on the economy and on society at large. Law is a reflec-
tion of the human environment from which it emanates. Therefore, how
could there not be a computer law, given that we are witnessing the
computer revolution usher in the Information Age? Moreover, the
diverse subtopics that constitute computer law are united by common

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