Updated Rules Protect Albertans from Disaster.

PositionSpecial Report: Emergencies and the Law

The Emergency Management Amendment Act is now in effect, providing communities with an easy reference as they develop and refine their emergency management plans and programs.

"We have all seen the number and severity of disasters increase over the years--and every time a major event happens, we learn from it. By updating our legislation, we are applying what we have learned and are working with municipalities to help them better prepare for disasters and keep Albertans safe." Shaye Anderson, Minister of Municipal Affairs Changes to the act also allow for the addition of the Local Authority Emergency Management Regulation.

The regulation will come into force Jan. 1, 2020 to give municipalities sufficient time to implement. The regulation will ensure:

* Municipalities have up-to-date emergency plans and programs that are regularly reviewed and exercised.

* Elected officials and municipal employees are trained for their roles and understand their responsibilities.

* Responsibilities and functions of municipal emergency advisory committees and emergency management agencies are clear.

* Regional collaboration agreements with other municipalities are clear.

"The update to the Emergency Management Act and addition of the Local Authority Emergency Management Regulation not only demonstrate the importance of emergency management in Alberta, but also support all municipalities by providing a clear and objective set of requirements to assist in ensuring we continually strive to improve our internal processes." Merrick Brown, Director, Health, Safety, Environment & Emergency Management...

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