User-Generated Content -Web 2.0 and Online Social Networks

AuthorDavid A. Potts
ProfessionBarrister, Bar of Ontario
 : User-Generated Content
Web . and Online Social Networks
Due to the rapidly changing character of web-based digital technology, this
section may become obsolete in the near future. It is nonetheless importa nt
to explore the charac ter and implications of the currently available technol-
ogy, which continuously evolves to facilitate the production of user-generated
content through varied web-based cha nnels and within increasingly diverse
digital environments.
B. WEB .
e now ubiquitous term “Web .” refers to the sec ond generation of the
Web and was rst dened by Tim O’Reilly in an industr y newsletter:
Web . is the network as platform, span ning all connected devices; Web
. appl ications are those that make the most of the intrinsic advantages
of t hat platform: delivering sowa re as a continually-updated service that
gets better the more people use it, consuming and remi xing data from mul-
tiple sources, including individual users, whi le providing their own data and
services in a form that allows remixing by others, creating network eects
through an “architectu re of participation,” and going beyond the page meta-
phor of Web . to deliver rich user experiences.
Although there is an a rgument that Web . is not at all a shi to second
generation technology, but rather a shi in the cultura l interpretation of and
Tim O’Reilly, newsletter ( September ), cited in Ravi Kumar Jain B,
ed., Web .: An Introduction (Hyderabad, Ind ia: e Icfai University Press, ) at .

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