Video Marketing

Author:Mark Hunter
Date:August 07, 2019

The use of video in marketing has changed the way people search and buy services. Not surprising there are a number of factors that help viewers connect with material including video length but maybe somewhat surprising orientation also does. As the use of video continues to evolve and we get better at sharing information there are some ways to ensure your content stands out.

YouTube continues to be the number one video channel used by marketers. And although it is primarily used by more seasoned social media users, the ability to get on and start building your profile is relatively easy. If used well, building engagement through this media will set you apart from the competition.

The most significant part of having a YouTube channel is your ability to connect with prospects. Prospects will read your firm bio, check you out on LinkedIn and maybe look at your reviews on Google or award sites. What those sites do not offer is a sense of you, your mannerisms, and your social skills. Video adds a dimension that allows potential clients to understand you just a little bit more than they do through the written word.

A recent industry study by Social Media Examiner showed the most popular length of video is 1-3...

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