Wrapping It Up: Some Important Conclusions

AuthorCheryl Foy
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Wrapping It Up: Some Important
ere’s a lot more to write about university governance and I hope my
colleagues continue to research and write about this important topic. I had
to conne myself to certain topics, and I hope that what I chose to write
about, and the amount of information I’ve provided, is helpful to those
involved in university governance. In this nal chapter, I’d like to empha-
size some important messages.
Good governance is essential to university independence. Governance
is important in any organization, but particularly in universities because
universities are important on an individual and national level, they are
the recipients of large amounts of public funds, and much is expected of
them. As you join a university board, do so with pride, and don’t lose sight
of the broader mission of universities and the centrality of universities to
the futures of many university stakeholders. Understand and strive to full
your duciary duty through a commitment to the interests of university
stakeholders. Don’t stop learning about your stakeholders, and never dis-
miss their interests.
e board’s tone must be impeccable. Set a high standard of behaviour for
the board, and make a clear and consistent commitment to transparency
and integrity. Set the best example possible for the university community.
e behaviour of some stakeholders (I’m thinking particularly of students

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