Xerox Canada Ltd. et al. v. MPI Technologies Inc. et al., [2006] O.T.C. 1339 (SC)

JudgeC. Campbell, J.
CourtSuperior Court of Justice of Ontario (Canada)
Case DateNovember 30, 2006
Citations[2006] O.T.C. 1339 (SC)

Xerox Can. Ltd. v. MPI Tech. Inc., [2006] O.T.C. 1339 (SC)

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Temp. Cite: [2006] O.T.C. TBEd. DE.155

Xerox Canada Ltd. and Xerox Corporation (applicants) v. MPI Technologies, Inc. and MPI Tech S.A. (respondents)

(Court File No. 05-CV-301537)

Indexed As: Xerox Canada Ltd. et al. v. MPI Technologies Inc. et al.

Court of Ontario

Superior Court of Justice

C. Campbell, J.

November 30, 2006.


This headnote contains no summary.

Arbitration - Topic 7959

Judicial review (incl. appeals) - Jurisdiction of arbitrator - General - Excess of jurisdiction - See paragraphs 1 to 164.


Sheila R. Block, Patrick D. Flaherty, Stuart Svonkin and Afshan Ali, for the applicants;

Joel Richler, R. Seumas, M. Woods and Brad Cran, for the respondents.

This application was heard on June 26-29, 2006, by C. Campbell, J., of the Ontario Superior Court, who released the following decision on November 30, 2006.

Please note: The following judgment has not been edited.

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