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2020 Spring Sitting

The Third Session of the 34th Legislative Assembly resumed on March 5, 2020.

As per a November 29, 2019 Order of the House, the Legislative Assembly will not sit from March 1619 due to the 2020 Arctic Winter Games. The Arctic Winter Games, "an international biennial celebration of circumpolar sports and Indigenous culture" for youth, will be held in Whitehorse from March 15-21, and is expected to be 2,000 participants strong.

The Standing Orders provide that the Spring Sitting will be between 20 to 40 sitting days in length; a 30-day Sitting would see the House rise on May 5.

Bills assented to during 2019 Fall Sitting

The 2019 Fall Sitting began on October 3 and concluded on November 27, after 30 sitting days. On the final day of that Sitting, the following government bills were assented to by Yukon's Commissioner, Angelique Bernard:

* Bill No. 2, Yukon University Act (Tracy-Anne McPhee) Note--this legislation transforms Yukon College into Canada's first Arctic university

* Bill No. 3, Tobacco and Vaping Products Control and regulation Act (Pauline Frost)

* Bill No. 4, Act to Amend the Elections Act (Sandy Silver)

* Bill No. 5, Liquor Act (John Streicker)

* Bill No. 6, Act to Amend the Corrections Act, 2009 (Ms. McPhee)

* Bill No. 7, Technical Amendments Act, 2019 (Ms. McPhee)

* Bill No. 200, Second Appropriation Act 2019-2020 (Mr. Silver)

Private Member's bills

During the 2019 Fall Sitting, the following private members' bills were introduced:

* Bill No. 300, Act to Eliminate Daylight Saving Time (Wade Istchenko)

* Bill No. 301, Act to Amend the Taxpayer Protection Act (Brad Cathers)

Public Accounts Committee report

On November 14, the Fourth Report of the Standing Committee on Public Accounts was tabled in the House by the Chair of the Committee, Stacey Hassard. The report charted the progress made by departments with regard to implementing previous recommendations made in three previous Committee reports, and reports by the Office of the Auditor General of Canada. The previous reports dealt with government transfers to societies, capital asset management, and climate change in Yukon.

Public Accounts Committee hearings

On December 11, the Standing Committee on Public Accounts (PAC) held public hearings in the Chamber.

The morning hearing was on a report entitled Report of the Auditor General of Canada to the Legislative Assembly of Yukon--Kindergarten Through Grade 12 Education in Yukon--Department of Education, which...

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