Vincent AI: The Future of Legal Research

Meet Vincent AI, an award-winning legal research assistant from vLex, transforming the way legal professionals tackle research. Experience efficiency, accuracy, and comprehensive legal insights like never before.

Generative AI, built using real legal information

Introducing the first global legal AI assistant

By combining human search behaviour with machine speed using generative AI and intelligent technology, Vincent AI can save you time, improve the accuracy of your research, and increase your productivity and efficiency, making it an invaluable tool for any legal professional.

A revolutionary approach

“Vincent AI is not just a new product; it's a revolutionary approach that diverges from the path tread by conventional case law providers. In the dynamic and ever-expanding market of GenAI, it's not just innovation we seek, but also unexplored angles. Vincent AI may just be the fresh perspective the industry has been awaiting. I’m thoroughly impressed.

Chad Ergun, Chief Information Officer, Davis Graham & Stubbs LLP

Improve productivity

Verified answers

With individualized summaries, linked directly to primary and secondary materials, Vincent AI helps you understand exactly how each case, act, law, or article addresses your questions.

Verified answers
Build better arguments

Draft legal content

Build better arguments

More than just answers, Vincent AI lets you formulate compelling arguments, support propositions, counter opposing views, and even anticipate counterarguments.

Identify relevant authorities

Deep interrogation of any legal document

Vincent’s intuitive drag-and-drop interface enables researchers to upload any relevant document, whether it’s a case, skeleton argument, contract, statute, or any other type of legal document. Using vLex’s carefully designed prompts, lawyers can do a deep interrogation of any legal document in order to build arguments, analyzing claims, through to generating defenses and much more.

Deep interrogation of any legal document
Unprecedented user control

Powered by AI. Controlled by you.

Unprecedented user control

While most systems limit users to the cases they present, Vincent AI is designed for user autonomy. Legal professionals can omit or even add cases to the analysis, while viewing the sources’ relevant text. This level of control is unparalleled in the industry.

Delivering on the promise of generative AI for legal research

"So the bottom line for me is that Vincent appears to be as close as I have seen in delivering on the promise of generative AI for legal research. I say that with the proviso that I have not recently tested what may be its two main competitors...but neither of those have all four of Vincent’s skills or the ability to answer questions across multiple nations and languages."

Bob Ambrogi, Lawyer, veteran legal journalist, and award-winning blogger and podcaster.

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Compare legal positions across jurisdictions

Unrivalled comparative and international research

Only with Vincent AI can legal professionals go beyond country borders — obtaining fast and accurate legal answers — bridging the gap in international and comparative research. With access to exclusive and comprehensive primary and secondary materials sourced from vLex’s massive, worldwide database, Vincent AI's smart search ensures that your research is comprehensive, spanning jurisdictions globally .

Reducing research time

“Vincent has saved the library staff at our law library hours of research when searching for “something like this” or the proverbial needle in a haystack. Whether library staff are helping our members research to write a factum, memorandum, an article or a book, Vincent significantly reduces our members’ research time. Research that would normally take hours now takes minutes.”

Library Manager & Executive Director, Waterloo Region Law Association

A 50-state survey made easy

Comparative research

A 50-state survey made easy

With Vincent AI, you can compare laws on a particular topic across different states including related federal content to help provide a foundation for your 50-state survey with ease.

Understanding the legal issues

Extract key information

Vincent AI will read and extract the key legal concepts from a judgment to provide you with an understanding of the issues that are addressed within the case.

Additionally, with only around 20% of cases being reported in many regions around the world, Vincent AI can help you navigate to the right case by providing automatically generated headnotes to help you understand the case without needing to read the full judgment.

Extract key information
Vincent AI for Word

Improve your work

Vincent AI for Word

Vincent analyses the cited authorities within the text to recommend materials related to your legal research that are available on vLex, even if they haven’t been mentioned in the document.

Gain valuable insights, uncover hidden connections, and stay ahead of the curve with vLex for Word's cutting-edge AI capabilities.

Build your confidence with AI

View sources, cited authorities and view extracts of materials considered, providing transparency and ease of access to materials for further research.

Safeguarding against hallucination

Authorities are sourced directly from the largest collection of legal and regulatory information, housed by vLex, to ensure only real cases and materials are referenced. By using trusted data, Vincent AI can safeguard against the dangers of unconstrained LLMs.

Search more, reduce your risk

Only with Vincent AI can you conduct research considering both primary and secondary materials, including exclusive collections of legal information not available from other providers, helping you to reduce the risk of missing important information.

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