This book arises from the thesis I wrote for my master of laws degree at
Osgoode Hall Law School, and thanks must go to those who helped me
complete it. I owe this book most of all to my husband Joe, who supplied a
constant f‌low of tea and support (which, to an English woman, are pretty
much the same thing). My family was also an enormous help, particularly
my sister, brother, and aunt, who hosted me in England while I wrote and
took bets on where I would write the most pages.
My thesis supervisor Philip Girard helped me transform my idea into
a full-length book, which I would not have thought possible three years
ago. I am also grateful to Justice Paul Perell, who was the second reader
for my thesis and provided helpful comments, and to Janet Walker and
Jamie Benidickson, who formed my examining committee, and gave use-
ful feedback. This book was also improved by the input of the members
of the Osgoode Society Legal History Workshop, especially Jim Phillips.
Justice Edward Belobaba has written the foreword to this book, and
I thank him for his endorsement and support. I am also grateful to my
former colleagues at Rochon Genova LLP, with whom I gained my prac-
tical experience of class actions and who continue to encourage me in my
academic career.
The support I have received throughout this process, along with the
positive feedback from so many quarters, has encouraged me to pur-
sue my research in the f‌ield of class actions. Thanks to everyone who
has helped me, whether or not I have mentioned you by name (and if I
haven’t, I owe you a beer).
Suzanne E Chiodo
Oriel College, Oxford
October 2017

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