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Some vLex features vary across jurisdictions.

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Natural language search that understands legal topics using a neural network

Legal ranking that takes into account the network of citations, the recency of the material and the issuer's precedence within the legal system

Social and personal ranking of search results, based on past behavior of similar users

SmartTopics organize the key materials for each topical subject

vLex Triple Check: Triple validation provided by legal experts, vLex's users feedback and authority check powered by vCite Citator

Open new research opportunities with a Multilingual search interface and automated parallel translation of search results and full text documents

Side by side comparison of updated versions of documents (such as statutes or draft bills) ensure that you catch the change that matters

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Stay ahead of the crowd with your Personalized Legal Stream

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The World's Largest Collection of Legal Knowledge

  • Comprehensive Statutes and Case law from 30+ countries. Updated daily. Selection of primary legal materials from 100+ countries.

  • An extensive online library of Books & Journals with content from more than 1,000+ publishers.

  • Exclusive content of editorially maintained, always updated, practice notes, checklists, legal forms and contracts

  • Legal Analytics applied to courts, cases, judges and counsel

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Get up-to-date answers wherever you are. On your cellphone. In your Google search results. Within your legal practice software. Integrated within your library catalog. In your citation manager. Or within your own applications via our API. Learn more about integrations


The fastest and most precise AI-driven Intelligent Assistant

Vincent transforms traditional keyword search into a broader contextual search that begins with your document and is accelerated with artificial intelligence. Discover its capabilities.

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Improve efficiency

Automate the task of finding related content. Let Vincent find and analyze citations.

Faster and more precise

Vincent performs a conceptual search for information as a human would, but is able to go further and faster by performing thousands of combined operations per second.

Minimize errors

Vincent reduces your risk because it validates its work by looking for new cases and updated legislation in the vLex collection.

Build a better argument

Vincent does more than find documents, it delivers the insight you need to make your case.

Know more, win more

Vincent is also a powerful ally, whether you are looking to challenge your opponents argument or looking to validate and improve your own work.

Think global

Vincent can analyze documents in English and Spanish, and is trained in the law of more than 20 countries.

Ready for a Global World

Our professional and personal lives are becoming more globalized, and so is the practice of Law. With vLex you can cross borders and access the law in any of our 100+ covered jurisdictions, in your language, and with automatic translation and multi-lingual search.

We help the leading legal practitioners and organizations to become even better. And tomorrow’s lawyers, too!


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