The leading solution for international and comparative research

vLex is the leading platform for international and comparative research, offering access to over 130 million legal documents sourced from over 100 countries, all on a single platform.

International and comparative research

Connecting the world’s legal information

  • Browse authorities from over 100 countries

    vLex is the first provider to develop a universal legal research platform, allowing you to access more content in one location, and discover both primary and secondary materials from around the world.

  • Remove language barriers

    Quickly translate and compare legal documents in 14 languages to understand the essential information from international cases and secondary sources.

  • Discover binding and persuasive cases

    With vLex’s cross-jurisdictional search functionality, you can easily access enriched legal documents from different jurisdictions, complete with citation links to primary and secondary materials.

  • Exclusive international materials

    With a single search, you can locate legal materials from around the world that are not available from other providers, as well as coverage of international courts, the European Union and the Privy Council.

International and comparative research

Powerful comparative research technology

Searching multiple databases is no longer necessary with vLex. Over 20 years, vLex have aggregated thousands of sources of legal information into one searchable database to help you find what you need quickly, with the help of bespoke, AI-powered research technology.

Powerful comparative research technology
Quickly find cases applied internationally

Find the information you need

Quickly find cases applied internationally

Identify essential information from one jurisdiction that has been applied in another, and review a list of extracts from applied cases to find the most relevant information quickly.

vLex Precedent Map

An in-depth view of case relationships

Using the vLex Precedent Map, you can understand the relationship between judgments and see how a case has been cited or subsequently applied in another country.

An in-depth view of case relationships

More features to improve your legal research

  • Cross-jurisdictional citation links

    Quickly navigate between cases using citation links, embedded within the text of a judgment, to review the applied case.

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  • Search across countries with Vincent AI

    Vincent, vLex’s award-winning legal research assistant, helps you navigate an ever-growing corpus of global legal information with ease.

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  • Bring legal documents to the top of your search

    Improve your productivity and bring legal information to the top of your search results with the vLex Chrome extension to find the documents you need quickly.

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