Appendix B - Review Board Rules of Procedure

Date02 March 2023
AuthorRichard D. Schneider; Lora Patton
Review Board Rules of Procedure
General Principle
1. These Rules shall be liberally construed to secure the just, most expeditious and least expen-
sive determination of every matter before the Review Board.
2. Def‌initions
“adjournment” refers to a situation where the presiding Chairperson orders that a hearing
is to continue on another date.
“annual hearing” refers to a review of an accused’s Disposition as set out in s. 672.81 of the
Criminal Code.
“hearing” includes “initial hearings”, “annual hearings”, and any other hearing held pursu-
ant to the provisions of Part XX.1 of the Criminal Code of Canada.
“hospital” refers, in addition to the def‌inition of “hospital” in section 672.1 of the Criminal
Code, to a single designated facility in which the accused is detained or to which the accused
is required to report from time to time as a term in a Disposition.
“initial hearing” refers to an accused’s f‌irst hearing before the Review Board.
“Registrar” refers to the individual, appointed by the Chairperson, who is responsible for
the production and distribution of all Dispositions and Reasons.
“re-schedule” refers to the process of, on the consent of all parties and with the Chair-
person’s approval, setting a new date for a hearing without the necessity of an application
being made to a quorum of the Review Board.
Matters Not Provided for in these Rules
3. Where any matter of procedure is not provided for by these Rules, the Chairperson of the
Review Board or the presiding Alternate Chairperson shall determine the procedure to be
Practice Di rections
4. A practice direction, notice or guide for proceedings before the Review Board shall be signed
by the Chairperson of the Review Board and published in the Ontario Reports.
Ef‌fect of Non-Compliance
5. A failure to comply with these Rules is an irregularity and does not render a hearing, or a
step, document or order in a hearing a nullity, or the Review Board,

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