Canadian-American public policy: occasional papers on a wide range of issues in U.S.-Canadian relations.


CAPP 1: April 1990--Canada-U.S. Relations in the Bush Era

Joseph T. Jockel

CAPP 2: July 1990--Tran boundary Air-Quality Relations: The Canada-United States Experience

John E. Carroll

CAPP 3: October 1990--Canadian Culture, the Canadian State, and the New Continentalism

Allan Smith

CAPP 4: December 1990--Forests, Timber, and Trade: Emerging Canadian and U.S. Relations under the Free Trade Agreement

Thomas R. Waggener

CAPP 5: March 1991--Change and Continuity in Canada-U.S.Economic Relations

William Diebold

*CAPP 6: June 1991--Trade Liberalization and the Political

Economy of Culture: An International Perspective on FTA

Graham Carr

CAPP 7: September 1991--If Canada Breaks Up: Implications for U.S. Policy

Joseph T. Jockel

* CAPP 8: December 1991--Ogdensburg Plus Fifty and Still Counting: Canada-U.S. Defense Relations in the Post-Cold War Era

Joel J. Sokolsky

* CAPP 9: March 1992--The Regulation of U.S.-Canada Air Transportation: Past, Present and Future

Martin Dresner

* CAPP 10: June 1992--Emerging Issues in the U.S.-Canada

Agricultural Trade Under the GATT and FTA

Theodore H. Cohn

CAPP 11: September 1992--Settling U.S. - Canada Disputes: Lessons For NAFTA

Annette Baker Fox

CAPP 12: December 1992--Canada-U.S. Electricity Trade and Environmental Politics

William Averyt

CAPP 13: June 1993--Canadian Politics in a Global Economy

Gordon T. Stewart

CAPP 14: September 1993--The Intersection of Domestic and Foreign Policy in the NAFTA Agricultural Negotiations

Theodore H. Cohn

* CAPP 15: November 1993--A New Global Partnership; Canada-U.S. Relations in the Clinton Era

John Kirton

CAPP 16: December 1993--The Impact of Free Trade on Canadian - American Border Cities

Peter Karl Kresl

CAPP 17: April 1994--North American Social Democracy in the 1990s: The NDP in Ontario

Mildred A. Schwartz

CAPP 18: August 1994--The Politics of Health Care Reform in Canada and the United States

Antonia Maioni

CAPP 19: October 1994--Public Policy and NAFTA: The Role of Organized Business Interests and the Labor Movement

Henry J. Jacek

CAPP 20: December 1994--The Secret of Transforming Art Into Gold: Intellectual Property Issues In Canada-U.S. Relations

Myra J. Tawfik

CAPP 21: January 1995-Anticipating The Impact of NAFTA on Health And Health Policy

Pauline V. Rosenau, Russell D. Jones, Julie Reagan Watson and Carl Hacker

CAPP 22: June 1995--Regulation, Industry Structure, and the North Atlantic Fishing Industry

Peter B. Doeringer, David G. Terkla and Audrey Watson

* CAPP 23: November 1995--The Moral Economy of Health...

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