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Published date28 September 2018
Date28 September 2018
TAS 92/63 G. v FEI
CAS 93/103 SC Langnau v LSHG
CAS 94/129 USA Shooting v International Shooting
CAS 94/132 Puerto Rico Amateur Baseball Federation v
USA Baseball
CAS 98/208 N., J., Y., and W. v FINA
CAS2001/A/337 B. v FINA
CAS 2004/A/651 Mark French v Australian Sports
Commission and Cycling Australia
OG/04/006 AOCv IOC and ICF
CAS 2005/A/990 P. v International Ice Hockey Federation
CAS 2007/A/951 Guillermo Canas v ATP Tour
CAS 2007/A/1291 Mikhaylo Zubkov v FINA
CAS 2007/A/1312 Jeff Adams v CCES
CAS 2008/A/1539 Nicolas DArcy v AOC
CAS 2008/A/1574 Nicolas DArcy v AOC
CAS 2008/A/1605 Chris Jongewaard v AOC
CAS 2009/A/1912-1913 Claudia Pechstein v ISU
CAS 2010/A/2230 International Wheelchair Basketball
Federation v UKAD & Simon Gibbs

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