Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act

AuthorRichard D. Schneider
Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act, R.S .O. 1990, c. F.31, as amended
by 1992, c. 14, s. 1; 1992, c. 32, s. 13; 1993, c. 38, s. 65; 1994, c. 11, s. 388; 1994, c. 12,
s. 49; 1995, c. 1, s. 82; 1996, c. 1, Sched. K, ss. 1–12; 1996, c. 2, s. 66; 1996, c. 6, ss. 2 ,
3; 1996, c. 25, s. 6; 1997, c. 41, s. 118; 1998, c. 26, s. 103; 2001, c. 28, s. 22; 2002, c. 2,
ss. 15, 19(4–7); 2002, c. 17, Sched. F, Table; 2002, c. 18, Sched. K, ss. 1–11; 2002, c. 34,
Sched. B, ss. 2, 3; 2004, c. 3, Sched. A, s. 81; 2004, c. 17, s. 32; 2005, c. 25, s. 34; 2005,
c. 28, Sched. F
Application of A ct
65. (1) Th is Act does not apply to records placed in the archives of an educational
institut ion or the Archives of Onta rio by or on beh alf of a person or organizat ion other
(a) an instit ution as def‌i ned in this Act or in t he Municipal Freedom of Informat ion
and Protecti on of Privacy Act; or
(b) a health information custo dian as def‌i ned in the Pe rsonal Health Infor mation Pro-
tection Act, 2004. 2005, c. 28, Sched . F, s. 8 (1).
(2) Repealed: 200 4, c. 3, Sched. A, s. 81 (7).
(3) This Act does not apply to notes prepared by or for a person presiding in a proceed-
ing in a court of Ontar io if those notes are prepared for that person’s personal use in
connection with the procee ding. R.S.O. 1990, c. F.31, s. 65 (3).
(4) This Act does not apply to anyth ing contained in a judge’s performance evaluation
under section 51.11 of the Courts of Justice Ac t or to any information collected in connec-
tion with the evalu ation. 1994, c. 12, s. 49.
(5) This Act does not apply to a record of the Ontar io Judicial Council, whet her in
the possession of the Judicial Counci l or of the Attorney General, if any of the following
conditions apply:
1. The Judicial Counci l or its subcommittee has ordered that the record or informa-
tion in the record not be disclosed or made public.
2. The Judicial Counci l has otherwise determined t hat the record is conf‌i dential.
3. The record was prepared in connection wit h a meeting or hearing of the Judicial
Council that was not open to t he public. 1994, c. 12, s. 49.

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