AuthorJohn D. Holding
death or bodily injury caused by,
assault by passenger, whether, 17
deep vein thrombosis, whether, 16–17
definition of, 15–16
turbulence, whether, 16
Agreed Stopping Place, see Internation-
al Air Carriage
Air Carriage, see International Air Car-
Air waybill, see Cargo
All (Reasonably) Necessary Measures,
defence of, see Baggage; Cargo;
Death and Bodily Injury; Delay
Application of Conventions to
Specific Carriage
determination of rules governing a
specific carriage, procedure for,
examples, 14
states parties to conventions, see
Appendix B
baggage tag, 29
claims procedure for
damage claims
under Montreal Convention, 25
under Warsaw Convention, 38
delay claims
under Montreal Convention, 28
under Warsaw Convention, 40
no notice of claim for required in
case of loss or non-delivery,
25, 38
defences to liability for damage to
all necessary measures, 37
contributory negligence
under Montreal Convention, 24
under Warsaw Convention, 37
inherent defect, 24
defences to liability for delay of
all reasonably necessary
measures, 28
all necessary measures, 39
contributory negligence, 28, 39
delay of, liability for damage caused by
under Montreal Convention,
under Warsaw Convention, 38
[ 199 ]

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