AuthorJohn Mark Keyes/Wendy Gordon
What Is This Book About?
is book is about an important type of law in Canada: legislation.
It operates as part of Canada’s legal system along with other types
of law, such as common law, international law, parliamentary law,
and Indigenous legal traditions. ese various types of law operate
together to make up the legal system that governs people in Canada.
e book is divided into two parts.
Part One, comprising chapters  to , describes how legislation is
written (“drafted”) and given the force of law (“enacted”). is intro-
duction provides a general overview of what legislation is and what it
does within the legal system. It forms the basis for a detailed consider-
ation of how legislation comes into being as the product of an activity
called “drafting” (Chapter One: What Is Drafting?) that is carried
out in particular ways (Chapter Two: How Is Legislation Drafted?).
e following chapter looks at how draft legislation is transformed
into law (Chapter ree: How Is Draft Legislation Turned Into Law?).
Part Two, comprising chapters  to , considers how, once trans-
formed into law, legislation functions within Canada’s legal system.
It begins with an account of how it operates generally (Chapter Four:
What Is Legislation Used For? and Chapter Five: How Is Legislation

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