Legal Marketing Trends for 2016: Chambers, Lexology, ContactEase & in-House Experts Share Their Insights

AuthorLynn Foley
DateJanuary 20, 2016

Once again, our team at fSquared Marketing are thrilled to present a group of wonderful legal marketing experts who are willing to share their wisdom related to the trends they foresee for the coming year.

Their predictions this year include mobilization of content, utilizing existing CRM systems to leverage and grow relationships, the evolution of client service delivery, storytelling as the PR tool of the moment, digital marketing (websites & social media) opening opportunities for legal directory exposure for smaller firms, and firms building marketing teams of the future.

A short excerpt from each contributor can be found below. To read the entire piece you can find it here.

Client Relationship Management (CRM)

By thinking differently about the use of our CRM systems, we can utilize existing technology to leverage and grow our relationships. Moving from mailing list management tools to fully functional business development and relationship intelligence tools is a clear trend emerging for 2016.

Jennifer Whittier – Chief Brand Officer, ContactEase CRM by Cole Valley Software, Inc.

Innovation and Client Service Delivery

The most important factor in any service delivery program will be trust and communication. The firms who can leverage new technologies, new service providers and of course, more demanding and discerning clients, who will think out of the box and work with clients, sharing-risk in new endeavours, will be those that excel in service delivery and who will undoubtedly, reap the benefits.

Oliviana Mingarelli – Director of Business Development, Fasken Martineau

Media and Public Relations

Let’s say you finally have a good story – one that clients, reporters and potential recruits will recognize as innovative and trailblazing, there are many ways to disseminate it that are impactful and meaningful. One of the best ways to tell a story is to capture it on video, which creates great content to repurpose.

Reilly Starr – Public Relations Manager, Paul Hastings

Websites & Digital Strategy

While is still amazes me how many law firms websites are still not mobile responsive those who are late to the game have the distinct opportunity to leapfrog their competition. They can do this if they pursue a “Mobile First” approach in the design and construction of their website and the content served on it. This will be the way agile law firms in 2016 will tackle their site re-designs.

Rob Foley – Co-Founder & Chief Digital Officer, fSquared Marketing


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