North Bay airport seeking traveller feedback.

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Jack Garland Airport in North Bay is seeking feedback from travellers who use the facility to help shape the services it offers in the future.

The airport is encouraging fliers to complete one of two surveys--one for those in the business, government and academic industries and one for members of the public--to help understand opportunities for future growth.

"The Jack Garland North Bay Airport (YYB), in collaboration with the consulting firm Explorer Solutions, is creating an air service study that aims to learn more about the habits of local companies/organizations in air travel," reads a preamble to the survey.

"For the airport, this study will serve to update air service requirement, demand and forecasting to better meet the local needs. To achieve these goals, the airport has prepared an online survey specifically dedicated to businesses, government and academic organizations located in the North Bay region."

The first survey asks questions relating to travellers' destinations...

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