Date22 August 2023
AuthorMichel Bastarache
Manitoba Act, - Enactment No  (UK),  Victoria, c , reprinted in RSC
, Appendix II, No .
Regulation  was a regulation of the Government of Ontario limiting
instruction in French-language Catholic separate schools; it was adopted in
July .
Louis Mailloux was killed in a rebellion in Caraquet, New Brunswick, fol-
lowing the adoption of the Common Schools Act, , which forced Catholics
to pay double taxes in order to allow their schools to continue to provide
French-language education.
R v Mercure , []  SCR ,  DLR (th)  (SCC). Father Mercure was
stopped for speeding and asked for a trial in French. He argued that s  of
the North-west Territories Act provided that all territorial laws must be adopted
in French and English and that the provision applied to Saskatchewan
further to s  of the Saskatchewan Act. e Supreme Court agreed but deter-
mined that the provision was not protected by the Constitution and could
be repealed by the provincial legislature.
Schedule B to the Canada Act  (UK), , c .
Part I of the Constitution Act, , being Schedule B to the Canada Act 
(UK), , c .
e Ocial Languages of New Brunswick, SNB , c .
RSNB , c .
RSC , c  (th Supp).

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