Preface by the Editors-in-Chief

AuthorRobert Diab/Chris DL Hunt/Lorne Neudorf
(2015) 1 CJCCL
Preface by the Editors-in-Chief
We are delighted to launch the Canadian Journal of Comparative
and Contemporary Law with this inaugural issue focused on the
theme of health law and human rights.
When the three of us came together last year to discuss the possibility
of founding a new law journal, we looked for a way to strike common
ground as emerging scholars with seemingly di erent preoccupations,
from public to private law. We wondered how we might make a
meaningful contribution to a larger scholarly conversation in law, given
the wide range of existing law journals in Canada and abroad.
Part of the answer was found in the common value we place on
taking a comparative approach to legal scholarship and a shared desire
to gain a global perspective on the legal issues that we study. Although
Canadian law schools already host a number of high quality journals,
none are focused primarily on fostering comparative legal scholarship, and
journals abroad that do so are few in number. Yet, across the many  elds
and sub elds of our discipline, comparative scholarship is undergoing a
kind of renaissance. Scholars are increasingly framing their inquiries by
crossing jurisdictions, theoretical boundaries, and disciplinary borders.
While comparative legal scholarship can trace its roots to  gures such as
Aristotle, Montesquieu, and Maine, it has become critically relevant to
the global age in which we live, an age in which laws and ideas about law
are constantly crossing borders and forging broader, more intricate links.
Within this global horizon, the idea of a law journal with a domestic focus
is beginning to seem anachronistic. We therefore encourage contributors
to take a comparative approach, understanding this in a broad sense of
drawing upon di erent jurisdictions, methods, theories, or disciplines.
Another part of the answer was found in the experience of conducting
our own past research initiatives, in which we valued high quality
publications that o ered an in-depth examination of a particular legal
issue or area of law. Although there are already a number of established
specialist journals in Canada and abroad, our idea to select a new theme
for each issue uniquely enables us to respond to contemporary legal
problems and debates as they arise.

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