Public Health Inquiries and the Class Action Fall-out

AuthorBarry Glaspell
Public Health Inquiries and the Class Action Fall-out
Barry Glaspell
AbstrAct: Canada has a robust history of public inquiries into health
failures, whether specif‌ic or systemic. Inquiries play a key role in guid-
ing health care policy. Announcement of a public health inquiry almost
inevitably triggers issuance of a proposed class action. Class counsel,
often involved in the commission, seek to use the inquiry’s f‌indings
as “some basis in fact” to justify class certif‌ication. As they are neither
intended to make f‌indings of civil liability nor subject to rigorous evi-
dentiary standards, public health inquiries don’t necessarily make solid
foundations for fair and ecient class actions.
CCAR 15-2.indb 67 3/2/2020 3:50:28 PM
CCAR 15-2.indb 68 3/2/2020 3:50:28 PM

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