Publications of the Osgoode Society for Canadian Legal History

AuthorC. Ian Kyer
Publications of the Osgoode Society
for Canadian Legal History
2023 Lori Chambersand Joan Sangster, eds.,Essays in the History of
Canadian Law Volume XII: New Perspectives on Gender and the Law
Ian Kyer, The Ontario Bond Scandal of 1924 Re-examined
Jonathan Swainger, The Notorious Georges: Crime and Community in
British Columbia’s Northern Interior, 1909-25
2022 Jim Phillips, Philip Girard, and R. Blake Brown,A History of Law in
Canada Volume II: Law for the New Dominion, 1867-1914
J. Barry Wright, Susan Binnie, and Eric Tucker, eds.,Canadian State
Trials Volume V:World War, Cold War and Challenges to Sovereignty,
Constance Backhouse,Reckoning with Racism: Police, Judges and the
RDS Case
2021 Daniel Rûck The Laws and the Land: The Settler Colonial Invasion of
Kahnawà:ke in Nineteenth-Century Canada
Lyndsay Campbell, Truth and Privilege: Libel Law in Massachusetts
and Nova Scotia, 1820–1840
Martine Valois, Ian Greene, Craig Forcese, and Peter McCormick, eds.
The Federal Court of Appeal and the Federal Court: Fifty Years of History
Colin Campbell and Robert Raizenne, A History of Canadian Income
Tax Volume I: The Income War Tax Act 1917–1948

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