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Session Summary

The Assembly adjourned the third session of the twenty-eighth legislature on May 16, 2019 until October 23, 2019. Prior to adjournment, the Assembly considered the estimates of ministries, agencies, and Crown corporations for nearly 72 hours and passed 38 pieces of legislation in the spring sitting.

Of notable mention, the government and opposition found common cause to give quick passage to Bill No. 172, The Saskatchewan Employment Act (Paid Interpersonal Violence and Sexual Violence Leave) Amendment Act, 2019. The new act provides leave of five employer-paid days and five unpaid days in a 52-week period for victims of interpersonal and sexual violence.

Change in the Opposition Leadership Loles

On June 11, 2019 the Leader of the Opposition, Ryan Meili, announced changes to the opposition house leadership team. Nicole Sarauer, was appointed as the new Deputy Leader. Cathy Sproule replaces Ms. Sarauer as the House Leader and Vicki Mowat replaces Warren McCall as the Deputy House Leader.

Interparliamentary Relations

The Saskatchewan Branch of the Commonwealth Parliamentary Association participated in an interparliamentary exchange program with the Parliament of Western Australia. A delegation from Western Australia visited Saskatchewan from April 15 to 27,2019. The delegation consisted of two Members of the Legislative Council, one Member of the Legislative Assembly, one Clerk from the Legislative Council, and one Clerk from the Legislative Assembly.

During the first week, the...

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