The Death of Her Majesty the Queen: What does it mean for us?

AuthorTremblay, Nathalie

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The passing of Queen Elizabeth II and ascension of King Charles III impacts Canadians in interesting ways.

A lot of people will remember exactly where they were and what they were doing on September 8, 2022 when they learned of Queen Elizabeth II's passing.

Her Majesty's death does not hold the same meaning for everyone of course. Some people will be profoundly touched while some will be mostly interested in the historical significance of the longest reign of a Monarch in Commonwealth history. Others' feelings and interest will largely remain unaffected.

No matter our opinions and reactions, this important event will affect every Canadian's daily life as we experience a period of transition when it comes to naming titles, laws and institutions. Familiar nomenclatures may become somewhat awkward and perhaps even strange for some time. So, how do things change now that King Charles III has ascended the throne? Let's look at what will and will not change.

What about buildings, institutions and infrastructures?

This part is simple. Buildings and offices displaying an official photograph of the Queen will have to replace it with an official photo of the new King. Watch for the photo to be available soon to download from the Government of Canada's website. In the meantime, photos of the Queen can be draped in black. Commissioned artwork featuring Her Majesty does not have to be replaced.

You will not be driving down the KCIII highway! Infrastructures like schools and highways named in honour of Queen Elizabeth II will keep their names. And institutions holding Royal designation in the name of the Queen, such as the Royal Alberta Museum, will also keep that designation.

What about things in my everyday life?

Your stamps with the Queen's image will still take your correspondence to its destination! And do not worry about your money--it will still be good! Of course, new currency honouring the King will be printed and with time the currency bearing Queen Elizabeth II's image will move out of circulation. (Collectors beware!)

If you are planning to travel soon, your passport will still be valid even if it is issued in the name of Her Majesty the Queen. The wording will change when you renew your passport. But in the meantime: Bon voyage!

What about oaths and honours?

No changes are expected on that front. New Canadians swear an oath to the Crown so their citizenship status does not change nor do they have to swear a new oath...

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