The Senate.

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The Forty-third Parliament was dissolved by Proclamation of Governor General Mary May Simon on August 15, with the federal general election scheduled by statute to occur on September 20.


On June 22, Bernadette Clement, Jim Quinn and Hassan Yussuff were appointed to the Senate.

Ms. Clement, who was appointed to represent Ontario, is a lawyer and politician who has served as Mayor of Cornwall since 2018. Ms. Clement was the first woman to be elected as Mayor of Cornwall and the first Black woman to serve as a mayor in Ontario. Prior to this, she served three terms as city councillor.

Mr. Quinn, who was appointed to represent New Brunswick, has served as President and Chief Executive Officer of Saint John Port Authority since September 2010. Mr. Quinn has extensive experience in the marine and public sectors, including with the Canadian Coast Guard and the Canadian International Development Agency. He is the Honorary LieutenantColonel for the 3rd Field Artillery Regiment (The Loyal Company), 5th Canadian Division.

Mr. Yussuff, who was appointed to represent Ontario, is the past President of the Canadian Labour Congress. Mr. Yussuff is also a prominent international activist. In 2016, he was elected for his second term as President of the Trade Union Confederation of the Americas, which represents more than 55 million workers in 21 countries.

Further appointments were made on July 29 when David Amot, Michele Audette, Amina Gerba, Clement Gignac and Karen Sorensen were also appointed to the Senate.

Mr. Amot, who was appointed to represent Saskatchewan, became the Chief Commissioner of the Saskatchewan Human Rights Commission in 2009. Previously, he worked as the federal Treaty Commissioner for the Province of Saskatchewan, a provincial court judge, a Crown prosecutor, and as Director General of Aboriginal Justice in the Department of Justice Canada. He is the former Chair of the Canadian Judges' Forum of the Canadian Bar Association. As a judge with the Provincial Court of Saskatchewan, Mr. Amot worked closely with the Poundmaker First Nation to pioneer the use of sentencing circles and restorative justice measures. Mr. Amot holds a Juris Doctor from the College of Law at the University of Saskatchewan.

Ms. Audette, appointed to represent Quebec, is a recognized Indigenous leader and comes from the Innu community of Uashat mak Mani-Utenam in Quebec. She was elected President of the Quebec Native Women Inc. at 27 years of age. In 2004...

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