Which Province Has Jurisdiction?

AuthorSteve Coughlan/Alex Gorlewski
204 Preliminary Matters / Jurisdiction / Territorial Jurisdiction
2.2(c)(i) Which Province Has Jurisdiction?
Only one province
More than
one province Any province
Oence was committed
entirely in one province1
and the accused is not
pleading guilty to a
non-s 469 oence.2
Oence is committed on
a bridge between two
provinces,3 within 500
metres of a boundary,
or is commenced in one
province and concluded in
Oence is committed in
a vehicle or on a vessel
that passed through the
province5 or during a flight
that commenced in, flew
over, or landed in the
Oence is related to mail
and the mail passed
through the province.7
Oence is publication
of defamatory libel —
prosecute either where
the publisher lives or
where the publication
Oence is against the
CDSA and the oence was
committed, the subject-
matter of the proceedings
arose, or the accused was
apprehended or happens
to be located in the
Oence is against the
Income Tax Act and
accused is resident,
carrying on business,
found, apprehended, or in
custody in province.10
Accused is pleading guilty
to a non-s 469 oence.2
Oence is committed in
a part of Canada not in a
Oence is committed in
territorial sea or internal
waters of Canada.12
Oence is committed
outside territory
of Canada but
extraterritorial jurisdiction
has been asserted by
Oence is a terrorism
Oence is against the
Security of Information

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