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  • Saskatoon (City) v West Coast Reduction Ltd.,

    [1] The City of Saskatoon [City] appeals pursuant to s. 33.1 of The Municipal Board Act, SS 1988–89, c M-23.2, against a decision of the Assessment Appeals Committee [Committee] of the Saskatchewan Municipal Board in respect of the assessment of a non-regulated property, namely, a 77,099 square foot warehouse [West Coast Warehouse] owned by West Coast Reduction Ltd. [West Coast]and located at 3018

  • Peet v Law Society of Saskatchewan,

    [1] Russell Peet appeals the January 26, 2018, decision of the Hearing Committee [Committee], appointed by the chairperson of the Discipline Committee of the Law Society of Saskatchewan: Law Society of Saskatchewan v Peet, 2018 SKLSS 3 [Committee Decision]. Mr. Peet pleaded guilty to a charge of conduct unbecoming a lawyer and the Committee imposed a six-month suspension from the practice of law,

  • 101115379 Saskatchewan Ltd. v Saskatchewan (Financial and Consumer Affairs Authority),

    [1] The appellants apply for a rehearing of the appeal found at 2019 SKCA 31, which upheld the decision of a panel appointed pursuant to s. 17 of The Securities Act, 1998, SS 1998, c S-42.2 [Securities Act]. The panel found the appellants had contravened that Act. Alena Pastuch is the sole director and officer of all of the corporate appellants.

  • Saskatoon (City) v Victory Majors Investments Corporation,

    [1] The proposed appellant [the City] applies for leave to appeal a decision of the Assessment Appeals Committee of the Saskatchewan Municipal Board [the Committee]. It contends the Committee erred by using an incorrect standard of proof, reaching a decision in the absence of evidence, impermissibly overturning assessor discretion and applying methods which do not accord with standard appraisal...

  • Johannson v Saskatchewan Government Insurance,

    [1] This is an appeal from a decision of the Automobile Injury Appeal Commission [Commission] concerning a dispute over the appellant's entitlement to certain benefits pursuant to her insurance with Saskatchewan Government Insurance [SGI] following a motor vehicle accident: see A.P. v Saskatchewan Government Insurance, 2016 SKAIA 51 [Commission Decision].

  • C2 Ventures Inc. v Saskatchewan (Financial and Consumer Affairs Authority),

    [1] C2 Ventures Inc. [C2] and Monte Dobson appeal against the decision of a hearing panel [Panel] of the Financial and Consumer Affairs Authority of Saskatchewan [FCAA] that awarded compensation [Compensation Orders] to four investors [Claimants] whom the Panel found had suffered financial losses that were caused in whole or in part by the appellants' breaches of The Securities Act, 1988, SS 1988—

  • R v Piche,

    [1] Clarence Piche was convicted of three offences under the Criminal Code arising from three incidents involving his common law spouse, Ms. Crookedneck: assaulting her with a weapon, contrary to s. 267(a), assaulting her and thereby causing her bodily harm, contrary to s. 267(b), and uttering a threat to kill her, contrary to s. 264.1(1)(a).

  • R v Parfitt,

    [1] After a trial before a judge of the Court of Queen's Bench, Mr. Parfitt was found guilty of two counts of breaking and entering and committing an assault causing bodily harm, contrary to s. 348(1)(b) of the Criminal Code, two counts of uttering threats contrary to s. 264.1(1), one count of mischief contrary to s. 430(4), and one count of assault contrary to s. 266. He was designated a...

  • R v Horse,

    [1] The appellant, Sean Lyndon Horse, appeals a decision of a judge of the Court of Queen's Bench, sitting as a summary conviction appeal court [appeal court]. The appeal court dismissed Mr. Horse's appeal against a conviction before a Provincial Court judge on a charge of theft under $5,000, contrary to s. 334(b) of the Criminal Code.

  • The Toronto-Dominion Bank v Gibbs,

    [1] The Toronto-Dominion Bank [TD] appeals an order of the Court of Queen's Bench limiting the amount payable to it from the proceeds paid into court from the judicial sale of mortgaged property.

  • R v Aisaican,

    [1] On May 26, 2015, the appellant, Edward John Aisaican, pleaded guilty to possessing cannabis resin for the purpose of trafficking pursuant to s. 5(2) of the Controlled Drugs and Substances Act, SC 1996, c 19 [CDSA], and possessing firearms without a licence pursuant to s. 91(1) of the Criminal Code [charges]. Prior to the date set for sentencing, he retained new counsel [application counsel]...

  • 101280222 Saskatchewan Ltd. v Silver Star Salvage (1998) Ltd.,

    [1] The appellant, 101280222 Saskatchewan Ltd. [Sask Ltd], bought a business from the respondents, Silver Star Salvage (1998) Ltd. [Silver Star] and Calvin Anderson. A negative covenant in the purchase agreement placed restrictions on the activities that Silver Star and Mr. Anderson could carry on after the sale. Sask Ltd believed those restrictions were being breached and, therefore, it...

  • R v Hansen,

    [1] Mr. Garrett Hansen was convicted of mischief over $5,000, contrary to s. 430(3) of the Criminal Code. When Mr. Hansen's appeal was heard, the Court dismissed his appeal from conviction and substituted a conviction for mischief, contrary to s. 430(4) of the Criminal Code. The Court set aside the sentence of five months and imposed a sentence of four months with written reasons to follow. These

  • Ladner v Ladner,

    [1] Anganetha Ladner appeals from a decision rendered by a Queen's Bench judge following trial with respect to how he resolved issues of mobility, spousal support, and division of family property (M.L. v A.L, 2017 SKQB 166 [Trial Decision]). For the reasons that follow, I would dismiss her appeal.

  • Clemens v McGruther, 2019 SKCA 46

    [1] This appeal and cross-appeal follow a five-day family property trial. While the trial judge who heard the matter was able to make findings of fact concerning the valuation of two discrete items of property (the acreage and pension exemption), due to illness, he found himself unable to deal with the remainder of the family property. He addressed this issue at paragraph 29 of his unreported...

  • R v Ahmed, 2019 SKCA 47

    [1] The appellant, Dolfikir Ahmed, was convicted in Provincial Court of possession of cocaine for the purpose of trafficking pursuant to s. 5(2) of the Controlled Drugs and Substances Act, SC 1996, c 19 [CDSA], possession of methamphetamine pursuant to s. 4(1) of the CDSA, and possession of proceeds of crime under $5,000 pursuant to s. 345(1) and s. 335(b) of the Criminal Code. The trial judge...

  • 6517633 Canada Ltd. v Norton (Rural Municipality), 2019 SKCA 45

    [1] 6517633 Canada Ltd. [651 Canada] filed a notice of appeal in this matter but then failed to advance the proceedings. As a result, it has been called upon, pursuant to Rule 46(2) of The Court of Appeal Rules, to show cause why its appeal should not be dismissed as abandoned.

  • University of Regina v Biletski, 2019 SKCA 44

    [1] On June 6, 2005, Miranda Biletski dove into a pool owned by the appellant, University of Regina. Ms. Biletski, a young competitive swimmer, had no reason to think the outcome of this dive would be different from any she had previously undertaken. However, on this occasion her head struck the pool bottom, resulting in a rupture to her spine, causing permanent quadriplegia.

  • Trithardt v Kingsley Conservation and Development Area Authority, 2019 SKCA 42

    [1] This is a stated case in which the Saskatchewan Municipal Board [Board] seeks the opinion of the Court on five questions of law arising out of proceedings before its Assessment Appeals Committee [Committee], sitting concurrently on several ratepayer appeals under s. 74 of The Conservation and Development Act, RSS 1978, c C-27. Elroy Trithardt is one of the appellant ratepayers.

  • Heiser's Health and Fitness Ltd. v. Saskatchewan Government Insurance, 2019 SKQB 124

    [1] In September 2009, Chancey Heiser, the president of the plaintiff, Heiser's Health and Fitness Ltd., purchased a fitness facility in Yorkton, Saskatchewan. He then began initiating changes to the business and renovations to the building. However, while renovations were underway, two unfortunate events occurred.

  • Alie-Kirkpatrick v. City of Saskatoon, 2019 SKQB 121

    [1] The City of Saskatoon has obtained an order for possession of the house that Rita Alie-Kirkpatrick occupies. Ms. Alie-Kirkpatrick appeals from the decision granting that order.

  • Bank Of Nova Scotia v. Moore, 2019 SKQB 122

    [1] The Bank of Nova Scotia [Bank] seeks an order for disbursement of $47,378.48 that was paid into court pursuant to an Order Confirming Sale. The application represents the final stage in the Bank's enforcement of mortgage security granted to it by Mr. Moore. The security was a non-purchase money mortgage [Mortgage] registered against Mr. Moore's residential property. The Mortgage secured two...

  • R v Campbell-Ball, 2019 SKCA 41

    [1] These reasons address four appeals. Jonathan David Campbell-Ball has appealed against his convictions (CACR3066) and the Crown has appealed against the sentences imposed on Mr. Campbell-Ball (CACR3058), Jama Roble (CACR3059) and Abdirahman Kahin (CACR3110). The three defendants were charged under a joint indictment alleging they had committed the offences of sexual assault with a weapon (Crimi

  • Reference re Greenhouse Gas Pollution Pricing Act, 2019 SKCA 40

    [1] This is a reference pursuant to s. 2 of The Constitutional Questions Act, 2012, SS 2012, c C-29.01. By way of Order in Council 194/2018, the Lieutenant Governor in Council has asked the Court for an advisory opinion on the following question:

  • R v Groshok, 2019 SKCA 39

    [1] Sharon Lorne Groshok appeals her convictions in the Provincial Court of Saskatchewan for possession of hydromorphone for the purposes of trafficking contrary to s. 5(2) of the Controlled Drugs and Substances Act, SC 1996, c 19 [CDSA], and possession of property obtained by crime contrary to ss. 354(1) and 355(b) of the Criminal Code. Ms. Groshok was jointly tried with her husband, Edward...

  • Director Under the Seizure of Criminal Property Act, 2009 v. Olivares, 2019 SKQB 113

    [1] The Director under The Seizure of Criminal Property Act, 2009, [Director] applied under ss. 3, 7 and 10.7 of the The Seizure of Criminal Property Act, 2009, SS 2009, c S-46.002 [Act] for an order directing that $2,715 CAD [Cash] seized from Mr. John Edward Olivares, and currently held by the Saskatoon Police Service [SPS], be forfeited to Her Majesty the Queen in right of Saskatchewan [Crown].

  • Stecyk Estate v Teslak, 2019 SKQB 116

    [1] Joy Witwicki is the executrix of the estate of John William Stecyk. In this application, she applies for an order to receive five percent of the value of the estate as an appropriate executrix's fee. Her application is opposed by two of the major beneficiaries, sibling respondents, Billy Teslak and Theressa Solomon. They propose that reasonable compensation to Ms. Witwicki would be one...

  • Nickel v. Gerbrandt, 2019 SKQB 117

    [1] This is an application brought by Ms. Nickel for directions from this Court as to the pre-retirement death benefit held by Viterra Inc. regarding Mr. Herman Gerbrandt, deceased.

  • Dolter et al. v. Input Capital Corp., 2019 SKQB 118

    [1] The applicants carry on a commercial farming operation near Wolseley, Saskatchewan.

  • R. v. Napope, 2019 SKPC 23

    [1] The accused pled guilty to one breach of a recognizance issued under section 810.2, contrary to section 811 of the Criminal Code. The breach occurred on February 19, 2019 when he failed to report to and register with the Prince Albert Police Service, Criminal Investigations Officer.

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