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  • R. v. Friesen, 2020 SCC 9

    [1]                              Children are the future of our country and our communities. They are also some of the most vulnerable members of our society. They deserve to enjoy a childhood free of sexual violence. Offenders who commit sexual violence against children deny thousands of Canadian children such a childhood every year. This case is about how to impose sentences that fully reflect and give effect to the profound wrongfulness and harmfulness of sexual offences against children.[1]

  • Dauphinee v. Canada (Attorney General), 2020 FC 474

    [1]  This is an application for judicial review of a decision by the Entitlement Appeal Panel (“Appeal Panel”) of the Veterans Review and Appeal Board of Canada (“VRAB”), affirming the decision of the Entitlement Review Panel (“Review Panel”) denying the disability award entitlement sought by the Applicant pursuant to s 45 of the Canadian Forces Members and Veterans Re-establishment and Compensation Act, SC 2005, c 21 (“Compensation Act”).

  • Mohammad v. Canada (Citizenship and Immigration), 2020 FC 473

    [1]  The Applicant seeks judicial review of the pre-removal risk assessment [PRRA] conducted by an immigration officer [the Officer] on July 16, 2019 pursuant to sections 112 and 113 of the Immigration and Refugee Protection Act, SC 2001 c 27 [Act]. The Officer concluded that the Applicant would not be subject to persecution or to a risk of cruel and unusual treatment or punishment if returned to his country of birth and habitual residence, Kuwait.

  • R v Rose, 2020 ABCA 130
  • Dolden v. VGC Vancouver General Contractors Inc., 2020 BCSC 492
  • Ghazgbi v. Bhamrah, 2020 BCSC 496
  • Lu v. Shen, 2020 BCSC 490

    [1]        Pending further order of the Court, the plaintiff, Jing Lu, and the defendant, Qinqin Shen aka Qin Qin Shen aka Catherine Shen, shall each refrain from directly or indirectly making, publishing, disseminating or broadcasting any words in any public forum or social media, including Canadameet.com and Ourdream.com, either against or of and concerning each other or any family member of each other; and

  • Middleton v. Lightheart, 2020 BCSC 437
  • Fox Estate v. Sevilla-Blanco, 2020 BCSC 497
  • Kuo v. Waldmann, 2020 BCSC 495

    [1]             The plaintiff John Kuo is one of four children of Yuan-Hsi Kuo who died October 5, 2005 leaving two wills. The first will is dated March 8, 1995 and in this action, the plaintiff seeks to have the court pronounce that will in solemn form. In that will Yuan-Hsi Kuo’s left his entire estate to John Kuo with a gift over to Hunter Kuo.

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  • Teal Cedar Products Ltd. v. British Columbia, [2017] SCJ No 32 (QL)

    [1]                              In British Columbia, the scope of appellate intervention in commercial arbitration is narrow in two key ways. First, there is limited jurisdiction for appellate review of arbitration awards because that jurisdiction is statutorily limited to questions of law (Arbitra...

  • R. v. Marakah, 142 WCB (2d) 490

    [1]                              Can Canadians ever reasonably expect the text messages they send to remain private, even after the messages have reached their destination? Or is the state free, regardless of the circumstances, to access text messages from a recipient’s device without a warrant?...

  • R. v. Bradshaw, 2017 SCC 35

    [1]                              Hearsay is an out-of-court statement tendered for the truth of its contents. It is presumptively inadmissible because — in the absence of the opportunity to cross-examine the declarant at the time the statement is made — it is often difficult for the trier of fact...

  • R. v. Charles (S.), [2015] N.R. TBEd. AP.010

    [1] McLachlin, C.J.C. (LeBel, Abella, Cromwell, Karakatsanis and Gascon, JJ., concurring) : Gun-related crime poses grave danger to Canadians. Parliament has therefore chosen to prohibit some weapons outright, while restricting the possession of others. The Criminal Code , R.S.C. 1985, c. C-46,...

  • Canada (Minister of Citizenship and Immigration) v. Vavilov, 2019 SCC 65

    [1]                              This appeal and its companion cases (see Bell Canada v. Canada (Attorney General), 2019 SCC 66), provide this Court with an opportunity to re-examine its approach to judicial review of administrative decisions....

  • R. v. Jones, [2017] 2 SCR 696

    [1]                              The appellant, Mr. Jones, was convicted of several firearms and drug trafficking offences. His convictions rest on records of text messages seized from a Telus account associated with his co-accused pursuant to a production order obtained under s. 487.012  (now s. 48...

  • Delta Air Lines Inc. v. Lukács, 416 DLR (4th) 579

    [1]                              The respondent, Dr. Gábor Lukács, filed a complaint with the Canadian Transportation Agency (“Agency”), alleging that the appellant, Delta Air Lines Inc. (“Delta”), applied discriminatory practices governing the carriage of obese persons. The Agency dismissed this...

  • Stewart v. Elk Valley Coal Corp., 2017 SCC 30

    [1]                              Ian Stewart worked in a mine operated by the Elk Valley Coal Corporation, driving a loader.  The mine operations were dangerous, and maintaining a safe worksite was a matter of great importance to the employer and employees. The employer implemented an Alcohol,...

  • Agraira v. Can. (SCC), [2013] SCJ No 36 (QL)

    [1] LeBel, J. (McLachlin, C.J.C., Fish, Abella, Rothstein, Moldaver and Karakatsanis, JJ., concurring) : The appellant, Muhsen Ahmed Ramadan Agraira, a citizen of Libya, has been residing in Canada continuously since 1997, despite having been found to be inadmissible on security grounds in 2002....

  • Carter v. Can. (A.G.) (SCC), JE 2015-245

    [1] By the Court : It is a crime in Canada to assist another person in ending her own life. As a result, people who are grievously and irremediably ill cannot seek a physician's assistance in dying and may be condemned to a life of severe and intolerable suffering. A person facing this prospect has ...