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  • R v Weitzel, 2023 MBPC 19

    Sentencing principles. Criminal conduct. Gravity of the offence. Mental illness. Cognitive limitation. Period of incarceration

  • R. v. Dare, 2023 MBPC 18

    Warrantless search of a residence. Entry without a warrant for the purpose of arrest. Right to counsel. Admission of the evidence

  • R v Toews, 2023 MBPC 14

    Bad knee. Defence evidence. Significant injuries. Reasonable doubt

  • R v DL, 2023 MBPC 16

    Principles of sentencing. Offence of manslaughter. Previous criminal record

  • R v Mammo, 2023 MBPC 12

    Consecutive sentence for the weapons prohibition offence. Possession of the firearm. Firearms prohibition. Criminal record. Guilty plea. Moral culpability

  • R. v. J.H., 2023 MBPC 15

    Imposition of a conditional sentence. Principles of sentencing. Sexual assault. Sexual offenders. Criminal record. Seriousness of the offence

  • R v GSL, 2023 MBPC 10

    Evidence about the sexual offences. Credibility findings of witnesses. Reasonable doubt

  • R v Makowski, 2023 MBPC 13

    Blood samples. Driving offence. Exclusion of the evidence. Police officer. Right to counsel

  • R v RJ,, 2023 MBPC 9

    Custodial sentence. Negligent driving. Young person. Motor vehicle

  • R. v. Cook, 2023 MBPC 8

    Sentencing principles. Statutory release. Time in custody. Institutional misconduct

  • R v Hurdon, 2023 MBPC 1

    Sentencing hearing. Criminal offences. Purpose of trafficking. Convictions for crimes of dishonesty. Possession for the purpose

  • R v Mohamed, 2023 MBPC 5

    Criminal offence. Possession for the purpose of trafficking drugs. Police searches. Strict conditions. Administration of justice

  • R v MPB, 2023 MBPC 11

    Maximum sentences. Criminal courts. Sexual assault. Offences against children. Position of trust

  • R v Savage, 2023 MBPC 6

    Breath sample. Mens rea. Reasonable doubt by the evidence. Multiple indications of impairment

  • R v Williams, 2023 MBPC 3

    Searching the vehicle. Circumstantial evidence. Offence of obstruction of the police. Imitation firearm. Reasonable doubt

  • R. v. Findlay, 2023 MBPC 17

    Seizure of the text messages by police. Expectation of privacy. Search warrant

  • R. v. Walsh, 2023 MBPC 2

    Witness identification evidence. Criminal trial process. Right to a fair and public hearing. Video appearance

  • R v SM, 2022 MBPC 62

    Sexually assaulted. Criminal trial process. Police statement. Reasonable doubt

  • R. v. Cosford, 2022 MBPC 60

    Offence of careless transportation. Sentences of a modest fine. Criminal record. Controlled drug. Guilty pleas. Side effects

  • R. v. Beardy, 2022 MBPC 59

    Release order. Application by the prosecution. Bodily harm. Evidence of a threat. Interests of justice

  • R. v. Wichart, 2022 MBPC 58

    Conditional sentence. Dangerous driving causing death. Offender with no criminal record. Bodily harm

  • R. v. Gratton, 2022 MBPC 56

    Sentences for sexual offences against children. Criminal record. Age difference

  • R v McGirr, 2022 MBPC 55

    Searched the vehicle. Possession of a weapon for a dangerous purpose. Violations of both firearm prohibitions for the ammunition. Flare guns

  • R v Sorza, 2022 MBPC 54

    Offence of sexual assault. Mens rea defence. Reasonable doubt. Actus reus

  • R. v. Favell, 2022 MBPC 53

    Search warrant. Analysis of the cellphones. Admission of the evidence. Personal information

  • R. v. Desilva, 2022 MBPC 51

    Search warrant. Confidential informant. Proceeds of crime. Drug trafficking. Reasonable grounds

  • R. v. J.W., 2022 MBPC 49

    Custodial sentence. Unrelated criminal record. Bodily harm. Assault cause. Physical injuries. Substance abuse

  • R. v. L.J.D., 2022 MBPC 48

    Sexual interference sentence. Aggravated assault. Criminal record

  • R. v. Kahlon, 2022 MBPC 47

    Driving offence. Breath sample. Motor vehicle. Right to counsel

  • Scope of the Inquest Hearing Decision (Anderson), 2022 MBPC 46

    Scope of the inquest. Expert opinion. Chief medical examiner. Deaths in similar circumstances

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