Transnational and Cross-Border Criminal Law. Canadian Perspectives

Irwin Law Inc.
Publication date:


The time of globalization has seen an onslaught of criminal activity that crosses borders. The legal suppression and prosecution of transnational and cross-border crime raise unique and complex legal issues, and law enforcement, lawyers, and judges have struggled to keep up. Transnational & Cross-Border Criminal Law: Canadian Perspectives fills a pronounced gap in Canadian legal literature. Written by subject matter experts, each chapter exposes and analyzes a current and pressing issue in this realm and is designed both to serve as a resource for researchers and to provide cutting-edge insight on front-burner issues. The group of authors - made up of prosecutors, defence lawyers, government counsel, academics, and civil society advocates - take on a variety of subjects, including terrorism, financial crime and corruption, jurisdiction, extradition, money laundering, trafficking, maritime enforcement, cross-border evidence-gathering, and the international transfer of prisoners. This unique collection will help to advance general understanding of one of the most pressing public policy issues of our time

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