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AuthorHy Bloom, Richard D Schneider
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Hy Bloom, LLB, MD, FRCP(C) is a forensic psychiatrist and law yer who assess-
es individuals who have mental illnesses a nd outstanding cr iminal charges.
He is a founding member of the PSILEX Group, Consultants in Behaviour-
al Sciences and the Law. He is also a part-time staf f member in the Com-
plex Mental Illness/Forensic Services Program at the Centre for Addiction
and Mental Health, an assistant professor in the Depar tment of Medicine at
the University of Toronto, an assistant clinica l professor in the Department
of Psychiatry and Behaviour al Neurosciences at McMaster University, and
adjunct faculty at University of Toronto’s Faculty of Law. Dr Bloom is both
an alternate chair person and psychiatric member of both the Ontar io and
Nunavut review boards. He was called to t he Bar of Ontario in 1980. He has
published on a number of topics in psychiatry and the law.
Hon Richard D Schneider, PhD LLM, CPsych is a justice of the Ontario
Court of Justice, a deputy judge of the Territorial Cour t of the Yukon, chair
of the Ontario Review Board, and a n alternate chair of the Nunavut Review
Board. He is also an adjunct professor in the faculties of Law and Medicine
at the University of Toronto. Prior to his appointment to the bench, Justice
Schneider was a crimi nal defence lawyer, a clinical psychologist, and coun-
sel to the Ontario Review Boa rd. He was appointed honorary president of
the Canadian Psychological A ssociation. He has published extensively in
the area of mental disorder and the law.

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