AuthorHy Bloom, Richard D Schneider
The original work upon which t his book is based — The Mentally Disordere d
Offende r: An Electronic Bench Boo k (EBB, National Judicial Institute, 2005) —
would not have been possible without the conceptual, editoria l, and technical
assistance of the National Judicial Institute (N JI) staff and former staff: Su-
san Lightstone, Christine Woodrow, Benjamin Gianni, and Charles Nezan.
We are also indebted to George M Thomson, Senior Director, International
Programs, NJI, and to the Honourable Douglas H Carr uthers, Chair of the
Ontario Review Board, for their foresight in recogni zing the need for judi-
cial education in this area, a nd for their encouragement throughout. This
second edition is based upon our recently updated version (2017) of the Elec-
tronic Benc h Book.
Completing a work of this scope is diff‌icu lt, if not impossible, without a
point person” — a hands- on administrative and organiz ational task master.
In this regard, we express our grat itude to Saena Cha, who tirelessly oversaw
the completion of the orig inal proje ct. She and her successor, Joy Santiago,
added their creative touches to each edition, and insured t heir unwavering
course to press.
2017 Update
The NJI wishes to thank D r Hy Bloom and the Honourable Justice Richard
D Schneider1 for their extensive work updating the ent irety of this bench
book. The NJI also wishes to tha nk Jenni Campbell and Simon Ayotte for
their research assistance. Special t hanks to Kathr yn Poliquin for all her
hard work getting the update ready for publication.
1 Hy Bloom & Richard D Schn eider, Mental Disorder and th e Law: A Primer for Lega l and
Mental Health Professionals (Toronto, ON: Irwin L aw, 2006).

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