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AuthorMark Bourrie
About the Author
Mark Bourrie holds a master’s degree in journalism and a PhD in
media history (with a thesis on press censorship in the Second World
War), as well as completing a diploma program in public policy and
a Juris Doctor degree. He was a journalist from 1978 until 2017. His
newspaper journalism appeared in most major Canadian papers,
and his magazine articles were published by, among others, Toronto
Life, Saturday Night, Maclean’s, Canadian Business, Canadian Lawyer, e
National, and Oawa Magazine. Mark won a National Magazine Award
and was a four-time nominee. He was also nominated for a National
Newspaper Award and won several Ontario Newspaper Awards. Mark
taught journalism and media studies at Concordia University from
2007–2009. In 2020, he was awarded the RBC Charles Taylor Prize for
literary non-ction for his bestselling book Bush Runner: e Adventures
of Pierre-Esprit Radisson. Mark is a member of the bar of Ontario, con-
centrating on cases that have a nexus between law and politics, and on
media law. He continues to write non-ction books and rather infre-
quent op-ed pieces.

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