Acknowledgements and dedication

AuthorDavid Layton
Thanks to the colleagues and friends I have practis ed criminal l aw with
over the past twenty years i n Toronto and Vancouver, most recently at
the f‌irm of Ritchie Sand ford, for making the work so stimulating and
enjoyable. I will always hold a special f‌lame for my friends at Shiller Lay-
ton Arbuck in Toronto. And so too for my companions in the Law Geek s
Supreme Court of Canada reading g roup — Kim Eldred, Kevin Drolet,
and Nikos Harri s — who have allowed me to combine a love for the law,
ethics, food, and drin k.
Over the last decade, I have spoken about legal ethics w ith many
Canadian l awyers and judges, and I am grateful to them for sharing t heir
views. I have also lear ned much from the law students I have taught
at the University of British Columbia and the University of Victoria.
The listservs of the Trial Lawyers Association of British Columbia and
the Canadian Association for Legal Ethics have al so been great sources
of information and knowledge about common problems and current
trends in legal ethics.
I owe a substantial debt to the grow ing number of academics who,
since the f‌irst edition of thi s book was published, have made legal eth-
ics a truly exciting topic of study and debate in this country. Particular
thanks goes to Adam Dodek, a leader in the f‌ield whom I met when
we were both becoming interested in the topic and who has produced
stellar work ever since; David Tanovich, with whom I have exchanged
many emails about the proper role of defence counsel over the years;
Michael Code, who as a professor at the University of Toronto Faculty

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