Author:Grenier, Monique
Position:Legislative Reports

The Second Session of the 40th Legislature continued with its emergency session throughout the summer months and adjourned on September 13% 2013. This was in fact the longest summer session on record bringing the total number of sitting days between April and September to 85.

Sessional Order

Flowing from negotiations between the parties relating to the unfinished business before the House, a sessional order was passed on September 11, 2013, laying out a number of provisions for sitting dates and the consideration of items over the next few months, including:

* Deadlines for the completion of consideration of legislation in committee and in the House; to be concluded prior to the September adjournment date;

* Directions for the consideration of legislation in committee intersessionally, to be concluded prior to November 13, 2013;

* Commencement of the 3rd Session on November 12, 2013 with the Speech from the Throne;

* Directions and deadlines for the consideration of all 2nd Session reinstated legislation, to be concluded before the 3rd Session adjourned on December 5, 2013.

* Spring session to resume on March 6, 2014.

As a result of this agreement, the House will continue consideration of 35 government bills reinstated from the 2nd Session during this upcoming fall session, including the following bills:

* Bill 20--The Manitoba Building and Renewal Funding and Fiscal Management Act (Various Acts Amended), which exempts the referendum requirement in The Balanced Budget, Fiscal Management and Taxpayer Accountability Act in order to increase the PST by I per cent and enacts measures to provide a sustainable funding source for the renewal of infrastructure.

* Bill 26--The Accessibility for Manitobans Act, which enables the establishment of accessibility standards to achieve accessibility for Manitobans disabled by barriers and also requires the government, municipalities and prescribed public sector organizations to prepare annual accessibility plans.

* Bill 28--The Health Services Insurance Amendment and Hospitals Amendment Act (Admitting Privileges), which amends The Health Services Insurance Act and The Hospitals Act to allow hospitals to grant admitting privileges to nurse practitioners and midwives.

* Bill 43--The Manitoba Liquor and Lotteries Corporation Act and Liquor and Gaming Control Act, which establishes the Manitoba Liquor and Lotteries Corporation by amalgamating The Liquor Control Commission and the Manitoba Lotteries...

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