AuthorEdgar Gold; Aldo Chircop; Hugh M. Kindred; William Moreira
The f‌irst edition of Maritime Law provided the f‌irst comprehensive and
up-to-date statement on the scope and content of the subject as it has
been developed and practised in Ca nada since 1916. Canadian students,
lawyers, and policy m akers found the f‌irst edition helpful. Courts, from
f‌irst instance to the Supreme Court of Canada, and some foreign tribu-
nals, cited it. The positive response conf‌irmed the authors’ belief in the
demonstrable need for a second edition. In the twelve years since publi-
cation, Canadian m aritime law has evolved substantially, necessitating
not only a new edition, but also freshly restr uctured and expanded
content under a new title, Canadian Maritime Law.
The new edition has been extended from nineteen to twenty-six
chapters. These have been organized into seven parts of the book to re-
f‌lect the connections between their d ifferent topics and to make access
to their contents easier. The original ch apters have all been retai ned in
substantially rev ised, updated, or re-written form, and a few, ref‌lecting
the growth of the law, have had to be divided into two chapters. Cana-
dian Maritime Law also includes new chapters on the admini stration of
ports and harbours, m aritime labour law, shipping in Arctic waters, the
f‌ishing industr y, and the offshore industry.
The authorship of the second edition has also been g reatly expanded.
The four authors of the f‌irst edition decided to recruit the exper ience of
its readers in the preparat ion of the second edition. The contributors are
scholars and maritime legal practitioners from across Can ada, most of
whom are members of the Canadia n Maritime Law Associat ion. There

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