The only way to be paid well as an actor: Why I became a lawyer

AuthorYashoda Ranganathan
g SUMMER 2014
People often ask me why I decided to leave my career as a
professional actor and become a lawyer. I am always surprised at
this question. I believe that, aside from the obvious nancial con-
siderations, acting and advocacy are similar crafts.
At the core of both crafts is the mastery of persuasion.
The advocate must persuade you of the merits of her case; the actor
must rst persuade you that he is a depressed Prince of Denmark and
then persuade you of the merits of his case. In short, the actor’s job is
harder, if not better compensated.
Some people accuse advocates and actors of deception. This is a mis-
conception. Truth is all that an advocate or actor can oer. The truth is
what persuades.
An actor must believe the truth of his role. Similarly, an advocate
must nd and believe the truth of her position. If necessary, an advocate
must assume a role in order to speak from a place of truth. Eective
advocacy requires this.
1 The views expressed in this article are those of the author and do not necessarily
reect those of the Ministry of the Attorney General or the Government of Ontario.
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