About the Author

AuthorLesli Bisgould
ProfessionAdjunct Professor, Faculty of Law
Lesli Bi sgould has been a litigator in Ontario since 1992. She began in
the f‌ield of civil litigation and then spent ten years in her own practice
in animal r ights law, the only practice of its kind in Canada. She has
written and lectured w idely on the subject of animal rights and the
law and is currently an adjunct professor at the University of Toronto’s
Faculty of Law, where she instructs a semina r entitled “Introduction
to Animals and the Law.” She has argued at every level of court and
deputed at every level of government. In recent years, her full-time
work has been in the f‌ields of poverty and human rights law. She is
currently the bar rister at Legal Aid Ont ario’s Clinic Resource Off‌ice
where she assists caseworkers at Ontario’s community legal clinics
with their appeals. All the opinions expre ssed in this book are those of
the author alone and not those of Legal Aid Ontario or of the Universit y
of Toronto.

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