AuthorLesli Bisgould
ProfessionAdjunct Professor, Faculty of Law
animal rights. A term embodying t he idea that animals, as sentient
beings, are entitled to not be considered th ings people own and use
for their own purposes, or as means to human ends; the movement to
liberate animal s from human exploitation.
animal welfare. A term embodying the idea that people can own and
use animal s for their purposes, but that in the course of doing so, ani-
mals should be treated humanely and not be subjected to unnecessary
suffering; the movement to improve the standard s of animal care.
ankus. Also called a “bullhook,” a long metal rod with a sharp, pointed
tip used to dominate elephants a nd other wild animals by way of pai n
and fear.
bag limit. A term used in hunting to refer to the ma ximum number of
individual animals of a given species that a person may lawfully kill.
beast wagon. The bare and cramped cage in which circus ani mals eat,
sleep, urinate, defecate, travel, and generally spend their l ives when
they are not in the performance ring.
broiler. Used in the agricultural context to describe chickens bred spe-
cif‌ically for their meat.
compensatory mortality. A term that describes the biological phe-
nomenon that sometimes occurs when humans k ill a number of wild
or free-living animals with the intent of reducing the population of a

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