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AuthorKent Roach
Kent Roach, CM, FRSC, is a professor of law at the Universit y of Toronto.
He formerly served as a law clerk to the late Justice Ber tha Wilson. He
has been editor-in-chief of the Criminal Law Quarterly since 1998. In
2002, he was elected a Fellow of the Royal Society of Canad a by his
fellow academics. In 2015, he was appointed a member of the Order of
Canada. In 2017, the Canada Council awarded hi m the Molson Prize for
his career contribution s to social sciences and the humanities. He is t he
co-editor of Cases and Material s on Criminal Law and Procedure and num -
erous collections of essays, and t he author of seventeen books, including
Constitutional Remedies in Cana da (winner of the 1997 Walter Owen
Book Prize); Due Process and Victims’ Rights: The New Law and Politics
of Criminal Justice (shortlisted for the 1999 Donner Prize); The Supreme
Court on Trial: Judicial Activism or Democratic Dialogue (shortlisted for
the 2001 Donner Prize); (with Robert J. Sharpe) Brian Dickson: A Judge’s
Journe y (winner of the 2003 Defoe Prize); The 9/11 Eect: Comparative
Counter-Terrorism (co-winner of the 2012 Mundell Medal); (with Craig
For ce se) False Security: The Radicalization of Canadian Anti-Terrorism
(winner of the 2016 Canadian Law and Society book prize); and Can-
adian Justice, Indigenous Injustice: The Gerald Stanley and Colten Boushie
Case (f‌inalist for the 2019 Shaughnessy Cohen prize for political writ-
ing). He is the author (with Robert J Sharpe) of the Canadian Charter
of Rights Freedoms volume in Irwin’s Essentials in Law series with a
7th edition published in 2021. His most recent books are Remedies for
Human Rights Violations, published by Cambridge University Press in

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